Contacting Me

You can reach me, Scott Ellsworth, directly through the form below. You can also call +1 (775) 386-2519. I can also call you by phone (in most countries), or meet you with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Facebook Messenger, Discord, Skype, or Zoom. During times of unavailability of a day or more, an automated email will will let you know right away when to expect me back in the office.

I am now in Japan Time (GMT+9). I will always keep my email footer updated to show the current local time zone, so you’ll see this in an email response. You can reach me from these regions at these times, Monday through Friday:

  • US west coast evening only (Sunday through Thursday)
  • US east coast night or early morning (Sunday through Thursday)
  • most of Europe morning and early afternoon

Contact Form

If you would like to get a quote for your translation project, please send your file to translate or a representative sample of it (and if it’s just a sample, the total word count for the project). Use the contact form here, and you’ll be able to send files as soon as we’re in touch by email.

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