• Translations from German to English and from Russian to English
  • Software localization for an American audience
  • Consulting on your translation or localization project​
  • Business and general-purpose translations
  • Editing English translations
  • Proofreading and editing texts in English
  • Copywriting in American English
  • Help to improve your proficiency in writing and speaking English
A collage of Russian to English translation projects done, mostly software-related
Several Russian to English translation projects, mostly software-related.

Some Project Examples:

  • software localization (of smartphone and desktop apps, and cloud-based services)
  • instructions
  • user agreements
  • articles for periodicals
  • press releases
  • presentations
  • conference materials
  • websites
  • security and antivirus
  • games
  • social media
  • CRM
  • Linux and Windows
  • Non-specialized projects, such as birth certificates, brochures, cover letters, customer surveys, diplomas, letters of recommendation, love letters
A programmer coding software that will be translated into English
You invest in your product to make it the best. Be sure to get good translations into English so that your customers will understand and value it.

The Benefits for You:

Hi, I’m Scott Ellsworth. Ellsworth Language Services is made up of myself, along with competent and experienced associates that I bring into projects as needed. Here are the advantages that I provide to you:

  • Your text gets translated accurately. I have been fluent in Russian since 1999, and in German since 1988. As a professional translator I continuously have practice with texts in both languages. And I’m ATA-certified to translate German to English.
  • Your text is in a clear and natural style in English. English speakers strongly prefer a straightforward, uncomplicated style that conveys more information in fewer words. Writing in other languages, such as German and Russian, is often not like this.
  • You avoid embarrassing errors. I’m a native speaker of American English, with outstanding spelling and grammar. I give meticulous attention to detail.
  • The translation’s style matches that of your original text. I’m careful to keep the translations as close as practical to the style and mood of the original. You can also give additional instructions on the style and level of formality you want for your English text.
  • Your file type and formatting remain the same. I make sure my translation is as close as practical to the original source text, not only in wording but also in overall appearance. In most cases I give you my translation in the same type of file you’ve given me. I can translate files in a wide variety of formats including Microsoft Office, HTML, OpenDocument, Visio, plain-text, PO files, and more.
  • Your terminology is applied consistently. I use state-of-the-art software to ensure consistent translations of your terminology and texts—even for your subsequent orders, months or years later.
  • I respect you and your needs. You have a good reason for wanting your text translated into English. Your success is my success. Your proprietary information is safe with me.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rates: ​To get a quote on a translation project, please contact me through the form on the contact page. Once I respond to you by email, you can send the document or text you want translated, and I can give you a quote and let you know when I can finish your project.
  • Payment mode: You can pay through SEPA or ACH transfer, credit card, Zelle, Cash App, or PayPal.
  • Payment terms: Payment is due within 30 days of the invoicing date. For new clients, half payment is due before the project starts, and half upon project completion.
  • Rights to the translation: You have full rights to use my translations for internal or external publication once you have made payment in full.
  • ​Style: For information on the style guidelines that I follow by default, see the style page.

Privacy Policy

I am not tracking you, but if you visit my website or use my contact form I might see your IP address. I use your personal information to complete work that you ask me to do, and possibly to analyze and improve my marketing. I store personal information securely. I do not sell information about you to anyone. If you want me to delete any of your personal information that I have on file, I will do so. You can request that by email or through my contact form.