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About the Business

Russian to English translation of an investment presentation for a software company
When having your texts translated from Russian or from German into English, remember that the quality of the translation reflects on the quality of your product.

I’m Scott Ellsworth, and I own and operate Ellsworth Language Services. I started working as a freelance translator in 2012 in San Francisco. In 2018 I received certification from the American Translators Association for translating from German to English. I set up the trade name ​Ellsworth Language Services in 2021.

Why Work With Me?

  • ​I’m fluent in German and Russian, and a native speaker of American English.
  • I’ve been working as a professional translator since 2012.
  • I’m certified by the American Translators Association for German to English translations.
  • I’m meticulous with details, and I write clearly in English.
  • My goal is to help your business succeed.

More About Scott Ellsworth

​I grew up in California, and have a variety of international experience including marketing, software, teaching, international trade, and writing. My degree is in International Relations, with a minor in Linguistics.

I’ve long had a great love for languages. I first studied German during middle school, and around the same time I studied some Russian on my own. In high school I studied Latin for a year, and continued with German. I learned fast, and managed to study five years of German during three years of school―this included two years of independent study during which I read literature. I also studied some Japanese during high school. I then studied German at the University of California at Davis, and studied abroad for a year at Georg-August University in Göttingen. During that year in Germany I studied and communicated almost exclusively in German. In Germany I studied a year of Italian, and I subsequently lived in Italy for a few months. Later I lived in the Kyrgyz Republic for four years, where I taught business communication, English, and office software at a university, and then helped to set up and manage a marketing agency. During my years in that country I continually studied Russian and used the language in my daily life, eventually doing business and conducting meetings in Russian. Beyond that time I also studied Spanish and Malay on my own.

I also really like computers and software: While growing up in Silicon Valley, I started fiddling around with an early personal computer that my parents bought. At my university I learned to write and format my term papers on a mainframe computer using Unix. By the time I graduated, personal computers were available all over campus, and I found them more user-friendly for my purposes. As a power-user, in almost every job I’ve held I’ve tried to make the best use of software features. And I’ve been a fan of Ubuntu Linux since 2006. UX and cyber-security are very interesting topics for me.

So since 2012 I’ve been working as a professional translator. Though I’ve studied several languages, I confine my translation work strictly to the ones I know best, German and Russian. And like most professional translators, I translate only into my native tongue.

Professional associations are a great opportunity to learn, develop, share insights, and network. I’m happy to be a member of the American Translators’ Association (which has certified me for translating German to English) and the Northern California Translators Association (where I served on the board of directors 2015–2019).

What Do Translators Do?

What exactly does a translator do? I invite you to read a page that I wrote specifically to answer this question.